The Corporate Diplomat

Bringing strategy, relationship building, technology and development finance together to design a better world for business, government and their respective stakeholders.

The Corporate Diplomat is a niche, advisory firm based in South Africa. We assist clients to unlock value and enhance sustainable growth through improved stakeholder relations, understanding, navigating and influencing the dynamics of complex socio-political systems of the countries and / or sector landscapes within geographic areas of operation. We also assist our clients to increase access to markets and finance.

  • Strategy is key...

    The Corporate Diplomat assists in strategic country and sector analysis to improve understanding of operating conditions and risks, identifies key relationships and determines actions required to effect desired business results that create shared value for the organisation and its stakeholders.

  • Relationships matter...

    The finest strategy cannot overcome relationship gaps.

    Companies that build authentic, honest, open, collaborative relationships with consumers and/or stakeholders are significantly more profitable - and sustainably profitable - than companies who treat consumers and/or stakeholders deceptively, antagonistically, and manipulatively.

    The Corporate Diplomat helps build bridges between companies’ core business and the complex socio-political environments within which they conduct business.

    Development is the aim...

    Capitalism has the ability to eradicate poverty and address environmental degradation if applied correctly. The Corporate Diplomat combines strategy, relationship building, technology and development finance to design a better world for business, governments and its related stakeholders.

    What we do...

    The Corporate Diplomat’s advisory service focuses on areas such as International Business Diplomacy, Corporate Diplomacy, Country and Sector Analysis, Trade Facilitation as well as Development Strategy and Finance.

    Our sectoral focus is on Tertiary Education, Agriculture, Mining and Financial Services, although other Sectors are served upon client requests.

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